Roof Walkways Maintenance and Testing

Roof walkways require 12 monthly testing to EN516, this is to catch and rectify issues such as corrosion, plant growth, weathering and loose fittings.

Roof Walkways Maintenance and Testing

After inspection we issue a certificate of compliance and log your walkway in our system, meaning we can keep you updated with your upcoming re-certification dates with plenty of notice.

If on inspection any major issues are found, they are photographed and recorded. We would then provide a report detailing defects and discuss options for repairs. Our teams are fully trained and equipped to carry out maintenance on all walkway systems.

Peace of Mind Service

With Liverpool Industrial Roofing you can be confident that your works will be quickly and efficiently carried out by qualified and highly skilled roofers and the work will be carried out with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience.

Fall Protection and Edge Protection Services

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