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Liverpool Industrial Roofing are Specialist Cleaning in Bird Control in Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool Industrial Roofing in LiverpoolLiverpool Industrial Roofing in LiverpoolLiverpool Industrial Roofing in Liverpool

Birds can make a mess. It is acidic, dangerous, and unsightly and has health, safety and environmental implications.


Unfortunately an infestation of pest birds creates health, safety and environmental issues, such as:


  • Slip hazard to any person working or visiting a contaminated area.
  • Pathogenic transmission to humans of harmful bacteria and viral infections, contained in faeces.
  • Secondary insect infestation throughout a building, with eggs and larvae found in feathers, nesting material and faeces.
  • Unpleasant odours , especially in warm weather.
  • Permanent staining of brickwork with corrosion of metal pipework due to acidic nature of faeces.
  • Blocked water services from feathers, nesting material and droppings leading to possible internal seepage and increased maintenance costs.
  • Engineers refusing to conduct maintenance works on plant that is contaminated even in the vicinity of where they maybe working.


Due to such reasons, specialist cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas is required. This is another service that Liverpool Industrial Roofing provides.

Guano and nesting material would be removed from site. This waste would then be transferred to a registered waste disposal site by our registered carriers in accordance with current legislation. This area would then be dry cleaned or jet washed utilising a powerful biocide disinfectant, reducing the risk of such diseases as ornithosis, psittacosis, histoplasmosis and salmonellosis. Further to this it may be considered necessary to apply a pesticide, agaracide or fungicide to the affected areas.

Comprehensive Specialist Cleaning for Bird Control Services by Liverpool Industrial Roofing

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With Liverpool Industrial Roofing you can be confident that your works will be quickly and efficiently carried out by qualified and highly skilled roofers and the work will be carried out with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience.

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